Chapter 4: Music, Mood, and Television: The Discovery and Use of Emotion in Advertising Music

Example 4.1.

“L-A-V-A” (1944).

Example 4.2.

Gillette: “To Look Sharp” (1953).

Example 4.3.

“My Beer Is Rheingold” (mid-1950s).

Example 4.4.

Ford: “Backseat Blues” (1958).

Example 4.5.

McDonald’s: Gladys Knight and the Pips, “You! You’re the One!” (mid-1970s).

Example 4.6.

McDonald’s: “You! You’re the One,” Sid Woloshin, Inc. (late 1970s).

Example 4.7.

U.S. Army: “Be All You Can Be” (1986).

Example 4.8.

Chevrolet: “Heartbeat of America” (1987).