Chapter 3: The Great Depression and the Rise of the Radio Jingle

Example 3.1.

Billy Murray: “In My Merry Oldsmobile” (1907).

Example 3.2.

Billy Murray: “Under the Anheuser Bush” (1904).

Example 3.3.

The Happiness Boys: “How Do You Do?” (1925).

Example 3.4.

The Interwoven Pair (late 1920s).

Example 3.5.

Singin’ Sam, the Barbasol Man: “Barbasol, Barbasol” (c. 1943).

Example 3.6.

The Jello Program, theme song (1930s).

Example 3.7.

“Tastyeast Is Tempting” (early 1930s).

Example 3.8.

“Hurrah for the Wonder Bakers!”

Example 3.9.

“The Cantor Cantata.”

Example 3.10.

The Life and Love of Dr. Susan, opening (1939).

Example 3.11.

The Life and Love of Dr. Susan, closing (1939).

Example 3.12.

The Wheaties Quartet: “Have You Tried Wheaties?” (1926).

Example 3.13.

Alan Bradley Kent and Austen Herbert Croom-Johnson: “Pepsi Cola Hits the Spot” (1939).

Example 3.14.

Johnny Fosdick and Orchestra, Anita Boyer, vocals: “Swinging the Jingle” (1940s).

Example 3.15.

Pepsi and Pete Cartoon (c. 1940).

Example 3.16.

Pepsi Barn Dance (1950s).

Example 3.17.

Mack Shopnick: “Chiquita Banana” (1944).

Example 3.18.

“Chiquita Banana” theatrical commercial (1947).

Example 3.19.

Chiquita Banana, “opera rumba,” Alec Templeton Show (2 June 1946).

Example 3.20.

“Chiquita Banana” (1999).

Example 3.21.

Consolidated Cigar (1951).

Example 3.22.

“Brylcreem” (1950s).

Example 3.23.

Pepsodent: “You’ll Wonder Where the Yellow Went” (1950s).